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Hey Guys! I'm Cass. I am a wife, mother and full-time maker. I am finally living out my dream of being an Artist, but the road to get here wasn't exactly easy!

Before 2020, I was a full time Echo tech at a hospital. I started my Company- formerly known as Stonemill Designs- just as a side gig. Extra cash was great, but really, it was my therapy. After having our son, Van, I became increasingly unhappy in my career, and hated being away from my kiddo. I saw artists, woodworkers, and makers on Instagram being their own bosses, staying at home with the kids, and making their own schedules. I knew that I wanted that. I worked my butt off for 2 year, while still working FT at the hospital, just to prove to myself, and my family that I could be successful running my own business. I worked from 6 am, painting before heading to the hospital, till hours after bedtime. I basically juggled two full time jobs, just to be able to bring Stonemill and Co to its full time potential. And I did it. 

After so much thought, (literal) blood, sweat and a whole lotta tears, I was finally able to take the plunge and quit my day job. I am now a full time resin artist, woodworker, maker- Im not really sure what I am yet, but lets just stick with Artist. I am a full time artist. 

I worked extremely hard to get here, yes, but I owe so much to all of my supporters. From family, to friends, my internet friends included, to people that I literally don't even know, but who support my every move on instagram. You ALL are what keeps Stonemill going, and I am forever grateful. 

So with that, thank you for being here and supporting my dream of being an artist, and most importantly, for supporting my family. 


xoxo, Cass

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