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Building A Goat Milking Stand- On A Budget!

Here it is guys! I finally got a chance to publish my tutorial on the goat milking stand. First and foremost, remember- I am not a pro builder! haha! My goat stand might not be perfectly built, but it serves its purpose!! AND IT WAS BASICALLY FREE!

While we don't have milking goats, we still wanted to have the stand incase we did* need to milk (when the moms deliver) and also to trim their hooves.

This stand cost me next to nothing! We were able to use supplies on hand, making this stand free for us- minus the eye hooks that we did end up purchasing. But you could also use a bungee cord to lock the neck braces as well! I am all about "whatever works" especially on the farm!

It was a fairly simple build and required minimal tools and materials:



-Circular Saw

-Miter Saw

-Jig Saw


-Wood Screws

-Plywood base


-Eye hooks or bungee cord

Hope you guys enjoy this video, and please let me know if you have any questions!!

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