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Products I Use

The most important step is having the right materials. 
If you ask me how I do something, my very first question will always

be "what materials are you using?"

Whether it's scrolling, painting, or pouring resin, good materials are a must. 

I am lucky to work with a few companies that carry high quality materials that I love, and use often. 

I also have an Amazon Storefront- check them all out below!


I am super proud to be a Mas Epoxies Content Partner.
I have used this resin from the beginning, and not only do I love the quality, I love the Company! All Resin Art that you will find on my page is done using Mas Epoxies. My go-to for most of my projects is Table Top Pro, but you will also find me using a few of their other products. 


Epoxy is such a fun medium to work with, but it definitely comes with its challenges, I learned a lot by trial and error, but I also had a lot of friends help me along the way. If you have any questions, like what resin will work best for you, don't be afraid to ask me!

I have also linked a few of my favorite resources from the Mas Website below!

Resin Calculator

Not sure how much resin to mix for your project, or maybe you're not sure HOW to mix your resin in general?

Mas has numerous calculators for your needs. Check them out!


Pricing your resin work can be really difficult. It's something that I still struggle with to this day. Mas has a great blog post that even includes a pricing calculator. This is a tool that I have found myself resourcing many times, and a great tool to share with you!


Working with Resin is likely to bring you a million questions. Good news is, you are not alone. Check out the list of common questions/answers the Mas website has provided.


Buy my favorite- Table Top Pro!

This is my most used product and my go to for all of my ocean pieces. 


Check out my personal resin work here...

Amazon Storefront

I would be lying if I said I wasn't addicted to Amazon Prime. I strongly rely on their shipping for all my last minute business purchases. You guys can shop my favorite things in my Amazon Storefront by clicking below.

Call or text 814-512-0352

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